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The 3D2N anniversary celebration for TCA Philippines came into a perfect ending. We want to extend our gratitude to the agent families that attended the event, a huge thanks to our senior management team and fellow staff members for your selflessness and wholehearted efforts. You are the very reason the anniversary celebration was a grand success. It is a joy to have everyone gathered on this special day and share the glorious moment. Further to reviewing the achievements and milestones of TCA in the previous year, we wanted to create and look ahead future developments and plans. As long as we hold on to this belief, miracles will happen in our journey ahead; and TCA Philippines will see it’s second, third and fourth anniversary….. Together, let us inherit the spirit of enjoying blessings and enduring hardships on the road to success!


Throughout the three-day celebration, time were spent in laughter and happiness; we witnessed glorious and touching moments, gained learnings and exchanged in conversations. Enough of talking now, let us review the bits and pieces of the celebration. 


Our agents made their way into the Metrotent Convention Center as the celebration officially kick start at 5pm. As everyone were slowly seated, the host warmed up the atmosphere slightly. Then, followed by a prayer ceremony and singing the national anthem.

第一天的下午5点钟,Metrotent Convention Center会场正式开放给家人们入场,各位家人入席之后,由著名主持人为晚宴暖身,接下来有祈祷仪式和唱国歌环节。

The President of TCA Philippines – Ms. Meilyn gave a welcoming speech and led on giving thanks to fellow agent families for their support and efforts over the past year. She appreciated the unconditional support from TCA headquarters, which enabled TCA Philippines to thrive and succeed within a short amount of time. 


After the speech, a famous Filipino dance crew gave an amazing performance and made the atmosphere come alive. Dinner was served shortly after; and our agents took the opportunity to mingle and meet. We know best, on the road to success, personal connections play a very important role! As the celebration continue with performances, the event of award presentation was interspersed by the organizers, in recognition of the outstanding performance of our fellow agent families. They truly deserve the applause and encouragement amongst their peers.


Towards the end of the dinner, a lucky draw event was prepared, instantly the atmosphere exploded to its highest point. 


The welcoming speech on the day was presented by TCA CEO Roy Lim~


Secondly, the day was wrapped up with 

a speech from Dr. Tan’s !


Thirdly, Toga CEO Michael To gave a speech to the crowd.


第三,由Toga Limited杜总裁上台致词。

Forthly, Marketing consultant Mr. Yap introduced Yippi and how to use it.


Lastly, it was Mr. Colins’s turn to give the speech.  ^^

最后,由Mr.Colins 老师上台致词^^

As the celebration continue with performances, the event of award presentation was interspersed by the organizers, in recognition of the outstanding performance of our fellow agent families. They truly deserve the applause and encouragement amongst their peers. Something worth mentioning is we invited El Gamma Penumbra, a local Philippines shadow play group to give an unique and impressive performance to the crowd, they are best known for being the winners of the first season of Asia's Got Talent. The crowd gave them a round of long applause to show appreciation. 

接下来也有表演团体陆续上台表演,与此同时大会也在中间穿插了证书颁发仪式,表扬这一年来表现出色的家人们,让他们在众人面前受接收应有的掌声和鼓励。值得一提的是,当晚公司很荣幸邀请了第一季《亚洲达人秀》中获得冠军的菲律宾表演团体El Gamma Penumbra,以震撼人心的影子舞俘虏了全场家人们的心。表演结束后,台下掌声不绝,为El Gamma Penumbra细腻的表演献上无尽的敬意和欣赏。

Congratulations to Miss Mona Tio, the Winner of the Grand Prize of our raffle draw for 2017, a Toyata Vios 1.5 car What a day it must have been for her!

恭喜Miss Mona Tio, 成功在2017幸运抽奖得奖,


Towards the end of the dinner, a lucky draw event was prepared, instantly the atmosphere exploded to its highest point. A big congratulation to our lucky winners! Lastly, president of Toga Limited – Mr. Michael Toh ended the night with a speech, some will continue to celebrate, some will leave; but regardless of these, we will surely meet and celebrate again!

接近晚宴尾声时,大会准备了抽奖仪式,全场的气氛沸腾到最高点!各位幸运抽到奖的家人,恭喜您们!晚宴最后在Toga Limited杜总裁的致辞后正式落幕,有人继续狂欢,有人则踏上归途,无论如何,大家相约下次再把酒言欢!

On the second day, our agents arrived Citadines Millennium Ortigas for training. 

第二天,家人们来到Citadines Millennium Ortigas出席培训课程。

Sir Brian was the host of the first session, and Ms. Meilyn started with a welcome speech; followed by TCA’s Roy Lim on “Why TCA?”. Everyone present were all ears in Mr. Roy’s sharing, a platform with a fair and high return naturally attracts the ears of many; his sharing followed by an enthusiastic applaud. 

课程一开始由主持人Sir Brian开场,再由菲律宾主席Miss. Meilyn致欢迎词。接下来由TCA林总裁演讲“为什么选择TCA?”,在场的各位全神贯注地聆听林总裁的解说,一个公正公平又高回报率的平台,自然能吸引许多人的青睐。林总裁解说完毕之后,全场给予热烈掌声感谢他的详细演说。

Thetraining continued with the Yippi app, our marketing consultant – Sir Rolly and CEO Michael introduced and demonstrated TCA’s most well-known mobile application. During the presentation, everyone excitedly downloaded the app and tested it out. This time round, we were honored to have invited General Manager – Dr. Chen to explain the latest progress and development of TCA’s road to NASDAQ. It is not an easy journey, but once its completed, TCA will reach a new peak to create a new level of value and benefit. 

接着,由Sir Rolly, 市场叶顾问和杜总裁个别介绍和示范TCA最红最受欢迎的手机应用程序——伊比,在聆听演讲的同时,大家纷纷拿出手机下载并试用伊比。这一次,我们也很荣幸邀请到了总经理陈博士为大家讲解TCA迈向纳斯达克之路的最新进度和发展,这一条路并不简单,但是一旦达成,TCA将会迈入另一个高峰,为大家创造另一个层次的价值和收益。

We were also fortunate to have Mr. Colins – a international top motivational speaker to explain the structure of Toga Life System, in which everyone is most welcome to join and learn about self-growth. Last but not least, our Marketing Director and Manager – Mr. Tan and Mr. Cheh introduced a special-designed promotional package just for our Filipino agents, thanking them for their support. The training ended with an oath by the leaders of TCA, and the first anniversary celebration concluded with a dinner! 

另外我们也有幸请来世界首屈一指的激励讲师Mr. Colins老师为大家讲解Toga Life System的结构,欢迎大家一起加入来学习和自我增值!之后由市场陈总监和市场谢经理介绍为菲律宾家人特别订造的优惠配套,感谢他们的支持。最后由领导们一同宣誓,以及共进晚餐来结束这一次的一周年欢庆活动!

TCA’s Philippines’ first anniversary has come to an end, thank you to everyone that attended and supported the event. We hope that this ongoing support will sustain in the days to come. TCA will continue to serve you as a strong shield and give you the chance to open yourself up and create a story of your own. Dear family agents, we will see you soon!


Stay tuned for latest news of TCA. Wish you all well.


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